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New Hope Farms is a cooperatively-owned small farm with 5-7 worker owner members.  The farm is located in the Simas Valley in Pinole on protected watershed land.  Our diversified farm uses regenerative agro-ecological production practices to produce sheep for meat, ducks and chickens for eggs, and mixed vegetables.  


New Hope Farms is the first in a network of small cooperatively owned farms that produces fresh, affordable food for distribution and sale in the East Bay. 

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Our Team

Hank Herrera

Hank Herrera has over 20 years of experience in urban agriculture and community food security.  He has founded and/or managed several organizations, including the The Vineyard, an urban farm in Rochester, NY, the Center for Popular Research, Education and Policy; the Sacred Community Land Trust; Rooted in Community; the New York Sustainable Agriculture Working Group; Dig Deep Farms in Ashland, CA.

Monica White

Monica White grew up on her family’s farm in Union, Missouri and presently lives and farms on her urban homestead in West Oakland.  She serves as administrator for the Center for Food Safety in San Francisco, a non-profit dedicated to promoting regenerative agriculture.  She is a member of the Community Advisory Committee for Peoples Community Market in West Oakland.

Grey Kolevzon

Grey Kolevzon has over 20 years of experience as founder and manager of a successful non-profit, Cycles of Change, as an urban farmer leading the development of many school gardens, and currently, as leader of the Oakland Unified School District Farm to School Program developing at the former Marcus Garvey Middle School in West Oakland.


Our Food

We are a diversified farm raising sheep for lamb, chicken and ducks for eggs, and mixed seasonal vegetables.  We use low-input, sustainable growing practices.  We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  Our Kahtadin mixed-breed sheep and lambs freely roam on a four-acre pasture, foraging on the grasses that grow in the pasture.s  We also supplement their pasture grass with alfalfa, orchard grass and spent grain from a local microbrewery.    We take our lambs to Marin Sun and Sonoma Meat for USDA supervised  processing. 

We raise poultry on about a half-acre of open land where the range freely.  We currently have a flock of about 30 chickens of mixed breeds.  There are two roosters, one with a beautiful booming voice.  We call him Placido.  The other rooster is tiny and squeaks his crow.  We call him Squeaky.  The hens lay about 

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